The Company was incorporated on 17 March 2016 with a share capital of EUR 61,500 represented by 615 Shares. By decision of the shareholder’s meeting of the Company dated 3 November 2016, such Shares were split by a factor of 44 resulting in the number of Initial Shares increased from 615 to 27,060.

The Cross-Border Merger will result in a capital increase of the Company by an amount of EUR 117,830,672.38 so as to increase the capital from its current amount of EUR 61,500 to EUR 117,892,172.38 through the issue of 190,135,621 New Shares to the shareholders of the Absorbed Companies and bring the total number of shares in the Company to 190,162,681 Shares. All such Shares shall be fully paid up.

All Shares bear equal shareholder rights in all respects.

Each Share entitles its holder to one vote at general meetings of the Company and to receive dividends, if declared.

The Shares issued in the context of the Cross-Border Merger carry the right to participate in dividends and other entitlements declared by the Company following completion of the Cross-Border Merger, for each financial year, including the financial year ending on 31 December 2016.

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