Statement of Profit & Loss


Summary consolidated statement of profit or loss


  For the year ended 31 December
Amounts in EUR thousand2018201720162015
Gross profit


Gross profit (%)7.2%7.7%9.1%9.3%
Adjusted EBITDA 62,73257,39359,67673,210
Adjusted EBITDA (%)6.5%7.6%8.6%9.4%
EBITDA 56,22344,60554,01964,034
EBITDA  (%)5.8%5.9%7.8%8.3%
EBIT 32,91922,33633,83244,828
EBIT (%)3.4%2.9%4.9%5.8%
Net finance costs(32,211)(32,946)(31,012)(29,292)
Profit before income tax708(10,610)2,82115,536
Net margin before income tax (%)0.0%-1.4%0.4%2.0%
Profit / (Loss) of the year6,888(4,775)-3,7727,741
Profit / (Loss) attributable to owners of the Company6,861(4,761)-3,7417,741

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