“We are committed to transparently reporting our financial and sustainability progress each year”.

Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Reports include detail on how we meet  current economic, environmental and social challenges as well as how corporate responsibility is incorporated in all our business operations. In order to define the content of the Report, we conduct a materiality analysis based on the guidelines of the international reporting framework, GRI-G4.

We recognize the added value of external verification of our reports and we aim, through this process, to increase our accountability to all stakeholders in terms of quality and reliability. Therefore, we seek and apply an external verification procedure to the most material chapters. The conclusions and comments that arise during the process of external verification are used by our companies to improve the quality of their Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Reports.


Corinth Pipeworks (CPW):

CPW’s Annual Financial and Sustainable Development Report outlines how the Company responds overall to modern-day economic, environmental and social challenges. For the third consecutive year, it presents financial and non-financial data in a single document.

CPW’s Annual Report consolidates a wide range of information, setting out a detailed, transparent picture of what has been achieved in line with international Corporate Responsibility standards such as the GRI-G4 guidelines, the UN’s Global Compact and the ISO 26000 international Corporate Responsibility standard.

The 2015 Report (covering the period 1.1.2015 to 31.12.2015) includes the 8th consecutive Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report published by CPW.

All previous annual reports (Financial and Corporate Responsibility Reports from the Company) are available at

Cablel® Hellenic Cables Group:

The publication of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report of Cablel® Hellenic Cables’ Group is an integral part of its activities in the areas of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development. This report has been developed annually for the parent company Hellenic Cables S.A. since 2009. Since 2013 it has included all activities for the Fulgor S.A. subsidiary, as well as a brief presentation of the Icme Ecab S.A subsidiary. 

To determine the Report’s content, the Company’s Corporate Responsibility Team updated the material issues of the Company (materiality analysis- procedure of identification and prioritization material issues CSR). During this process, the opinions of the Company’s stakeholder’s (shareholders, customers, employees, local communities, suppliers, state and institutional organizations) were taken into consideration. These opinions were recorded at a special workshop. Analytical data, as well as the outcomes, are presented in the Chapter "Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development" of the current SD Report. All previous reports (Financial and Corporate Responsibility Reports from the Company) are available at