Our markets

Cenergy Holdings companies operate in markets that are expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. Rising demand in the energy sector, in particular, is set to open up exciting new growth opportunities. Our companies are exceptionally well positioned to capitalise on these trends.

Corinth Pipeworks (CPW) manufactures steel pipes for the transportation and extraction of oil and gas and Cablel Hellenic Cables Group produces power cables for energy transmission and distribution, oil and gas and renewables. Our operations cover the following markets:

  • Power transmission, distribution and renewables
  • Oil and gas transportation and drilling
  • Telecom and data transmission
  • Construction and Industrial

The future of the energy market by 2050 *

The global energy demand is expected to rise by up to 100%, driven by population growth to approx. 9 billion, as well as rising urbanization and industrial consumption. Most of the increase is to come from developing markets such as China, India, Asia and Africa, where large parts of the population currently have no access to energy.

Power generation will be key to meeting this growing need, as an energy source most frequently relied upon by industrials and many other sectors. During the same period, the global car fleet is expected to double as a result of growing demand across developing markets and continued development of environmentally friendly car technologies.

Further energy market development will be framed by the historical Paris COP21 climate change agreement as the future energy map is shaped by the commitment to limit the global temperature rise and reduce greenhouse gases emission towards a net zero target.

Natural gas and renewables will play an increasingly important role in reaching these goals. As new technologies make renewables more cost efficient and with a growing number of unconventional gas discoveries and viable deep offshore reserves, their share in global energy consumption is expected to double by 2050 at the expense of oil and coal production.

These developments will ultimately result in a gradual substitution of coal by natural gas in power generation, a transition to low-carbon economies and an expansion of the power grid through new energy cable and oil and gas pipelines that will allow for greater integration of renewables .

Further expansion of alternative energy networks and types will be driven by increased focus on energy diversification by the EU and other major economies as they seek Energy security , to secure cheap and sufficient energy sources to support economic growth.



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