Oil & Gas transportation & drilling

The global oil and gas industry encompasses exploration, extraction, refining, transportation (by tankers and pipelines) and distribution. The industry is usually divided into three major components:

The upstream sector, dealing with exploration and production (E&P).

The midstream sector, involving transportation of products to refineries, natural gas purification plants etc. using pipelines, rail, vessels etc.

The downstream sector, including refining of petroleum crude oil, processing and purifying of raw natural gas till distribution of products to end users

Cenergy Holdings companies produce sophisticated products for the oil and gas industry, including: steel pipes for onshore/offshore pipelines, offshore cables, parts for exploratory drilling, welding consumables, elements for oil and gas platforms (jackets) and LNG storage tanks.

Corinth Pipeworks 

Corinth Pipeworks (CPW) supply pipes to the oil and gas sector for onshore and offshore pipelines and casing pipes for drilling operations for nearly half a century.

CPW can supply pipes for a range of projects, from large diameter trans-continental gas transmission pipeline, to complex pipe packages for local gas distribution networks. CPW offers all sizes and grades of pipe commonly used for gas and oil pipelines, downstream CO2 reinjection, petro-chemical and fuel transportation lines.

CPW products comply with all major international standards used in onshore and offshore applications and additional client specifications, including HIC/ SSCC (sour environments) resistance, are met where necessary.

Pipes can also be supplied with external anti-corrosion coatings and internal linings for flow efficiency and/or anticorrosion protection.

Thisvi campus encompasses pipe manufacturing, coating facilities and Thisvi seaport, all within a 1.5km radius. This ensures high operating efficiency, reduced handling, lower costs, improved scheduling and reduced QHSE risk.

Main projects

CPW is a trusted supplier of major oil and gas companies, realizing large scale projects all over the world, including:

TAP A.G.495Km of “Trans Adriatic pipeline” in Greece2016-2017
Wintershall50Km reel-lay offshore project “Maria” in Norway2016
Plains All American740Km of oil pipelines (Diamond & Red River) in the U.S.A.2015-2016
Energy Transfer550Km of gas pipeline projects (DAPL & Rover) in the U.S.A.2015
GRT GAZ, TIGF, GDF560Km of gas pipelines in France2003-2016
Snam Rete Gas240Km of gas pipeline projects in Italy2011-2016
BP184Km “In Amenas” onshore gas pipeline project in Algeria2006, 2009, 2012
Denbury385Km “Greencore CO2 pipeline” in the U.S.A.2011-2012
OMV395Km “Nawara” gas project in Tunisia and 62Km “WAG EXPANSION 3” project in Austria 2011-2013
BG107Km “Knarr field development” offshore gas pipeline project in Norway and 120Km “Hasdrubal” offshore gas pipeline in Tunisia2012, 2007
Chevron128Km (in total) of offshore projects in Netherlands, Angola and Thailand2002 - 2010
Sonatrach915Km of gas pipelines in Algeria (El Merk Lot 2, MEDGAZ etc.)2005 - 2010
Spectra Energy443Km “South East Supply Header” gas pipeline in the U.S.A.2007
Chevron490Km “WAGP-West African Gas pipeline” offshore project in Ghana2005
Shell204Km of offshore oil projects awarded by SHELL Deepwater in Gulf of Mexico, SHELL UK in the North Sea and SHELL Nigeria in  West Africa2002


Learn more about Corinth Pipeworks projects in http://www.cpw.gr/en/projects/all-projects



Cablel® Hellenic Cables Group

Cablel® Hellenic Cables Group offers a wide range of cables for the oil and gas industry which comply with national and international standards:

  • Medium and high voltage submarine cables, fibre optic submarine cables and composite submarine cables containing power cores, optical fibre and control elements for the interconnection of Oil and gas platforms
  • Telecommunication (Copper up to 7+ category and fibre optic), instrumentation and control, low, medium and high voltage cables customised for the oil and gas industry requirements.

Its advanced technology, knowledge and flexibility ensure that special customer requirements are met during the design and manufacture, to the highest quality standards. Special requirements include flame retardance, fire resistance, installation and operation at low temperatures, hydrocarbon and mud resistance.

Our outlook and product development strategy includes:

  • Static and dynamic umbilicals
  • Dynamic submarine power cables
  • HV DC and EHV DC land and submarine cables