Hellenic Cables - Thiva plant – Greece

Located in Thiva, Viotia, Greece the plant’s total annual cables production capacity is 60,000Tn.  The completion of a new high and extra high voltage cable production line in 2003 has enabled the plant to produce:

  • LV power cables
  • MV power cables
  • HV power cables
  • EHV cables up to 500kV
  • Fiber optic cables

Thiva plant has vertically integrated manufacturing:

  • In-house Rod Production for Cu and Al
  • Conductor Formation:Wire drawing from Cu / Al rod, Wire enameling, Conductor stranding
  • Insulation
  • Degassing: During this process the core is heated by warm air for the time required to complete the degassing of the insulation, thus removing all gaseous by-products)
  • Screening: Lead alloy sheath with or without copper wires beneath, copper or aluminium wires screen with copper or aluminium foil laminate, smooth or corrugated welded aluminium or copper sheath with or without copper or aluminium wires beneath
  • Oversheathing: An extruded polyethylene oversheath is applied with semiconducting conducting coating to verify the integrity of the sheath
  • Quality Control: Testing takes place during all intermediate production phases and on the finished product. The plant is equipped to perform all required electrical and non-electrical routine, sample and type testing, as well as the one-year prequalification test