At Cenergy Holdings, we believe that constructive relationships with stakeholders are reinforced by solid Corporate Governance procedures based on accountability, fairness and transparency. Robust internal policies and effective monitoring systems ensure that high standards are maintained in compliance with the 2009 Belgian Code on Corporate Governance.

Cenergy's core Corporate Governance principles, which are in accordance with Belgian law, the Belgian Code on Corporate Governance, the Articles of Association of the Company and its Corporate Governance Charter, are set out on this section of the website.

As Cenergy Holdings maintains a secondary listing on the Athens Exchange (Athex), in addition to Belgian regulations, the Greek Law 3340/2005, transposing into Greek legislation Directive 2003/6/EC on insider dealing and market manipulation ("market abuse"), as currently applicable, and the Athex Rulebook also apply to the Company.

The Company is committed to high standards of corporate governance and relies on the Belgian Code on Corporate Governance of 12 March 2009 (the Corporate Governance Code) as a reference code. The Corporate Governance Code is based on a “comply or explain” approach. Belgian listed companies should follow the Corporate Governance Code, but may deviate from its provisions provided that they disclose the justification for any such deviation. The Board of Directors has adopted the Corporate Governance Charter on 7 November 2016.

Cenergy's Board of Directors will review its Corporate Governance procedures at regular intervals and adopt any amendments deemed necessary and appropriate. The Company Charter includes Cenergy's rules and policies and must be read in combination with the Company's Articles of Association, the Corporate Governance Statement in the annual report and the Corporate Governance provisions set forth in the Belgian Companies Code ("BCC").

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