Cenergy Holdings and its companies are committed to growing alongside the communities in which they have a presence.  The companies encourage the creation of links that will strengthen their long-term relationship with society. The economic and environmental benefits of Cenergy Holdings companies’ activities in the communities where their plants are located, contribute to direct local wealth creation.

Cenergy Holdings seeks to contribute to the prosperity of local communities in a variety of ways, such as:

1. Bolstering local employment and entrepreneurship

People living near our operations often ask how we can support local businesses, jobs and skills. As well as providing direct employment opportunities, we also encourage local businesses to be part of our supply chain, and aim to offer training to build local skills and expertise.

2. Supporting the needs of local communities

The long-term success of our company depends on the strength and prosperity of the local communities we are part of. We support local communities and we seek to use our influence and resources to create value for both our company and society. We support various aspects of the local community, including, society, health, sports, and environment.

3. Volunteerism

Volunteerism is integrally linked to solidarity and selfless giving. Cenergy Holdings and its companies support and promote volunteerism to help our people understand and work with local communities.