Our Stakeholders

“Our stakeholders’ concerns and objectives are important aspects of our journey to integrating CSR into Cenergy Holdings’ business operations and activities”.

Cenergy Holdings and its companies have identified those groups directly or indirectly affected in a positive or negative way by their business activities, or, conversely which affect their activities as stakeholders. The companies also recognize that there are factors such as the location, range, and nature of their operations that affect those groups. The process of identifying and ranking each company’s stakeholders is based on the methodology devised by the international organization Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It takes into account both the degree of influence each group of stakeholders has on each Company per CSR priority and the degree of influence each Company has on each stakeholder group.

We firmly believe that stakeholder cooperation can improve our business performance, and as such, we are committed to on-going stakeholder engagement as a core component of our business, our activities and sustainability strategies and as an important part of our annual reporting process.

Cenergy Holdings and its companies are committed to understanding and taking into account their stakeholder’s requests and expectations. To make this commitment a reality, the Cenergy Holdings stakeholder engagement procedure includes: